Saving the orangutans, strengthening Indianapolis, connecting our children and families to the world.

help us capitalize on this remarkable opportunity

Atrium & Plaza ViewIndianapolis has become a place where municipalities and civic groups from across the nation come to see how to get things done.  Thanks to the generosity and support of our leaders and friends, we have created—in the Indianapolis Zoo—an organization capable of making a real difference for the future of the natural world and an organization that contributes every day to the quality of life in this community.
With the International Orangutan Center as the powerful first step in the creation of the International Great Ape Center and the rejuvenation of our lion, tiger, and family areas, the Zoo will be an even stronger resource for education, conservation, research, and economic development.
The orangutan habitat will begin to change the way these magnificent animals are perceived and, we hope, secure a brighter future for them in the wild. It will inspire countless visitors to rethink their relationship with wild animals and the places they rely on to survive long-term.
This is an exhibit that will change the world—and Indianapolis—for the better.
Your Indianapolis Zoo stands strong and ready. The world-renowned expert is on board. The designs are complete. And eight orangutans are waiting in the wings. Now, all we need is your help.
We invite your careful consideration of a generous response to the challenges and opportunities before us: supporting a wondrous future for our children and grandchildren, advancing Indianapolis as a world leader in conservation and zoos, and helping to prevent the extinction of orangutans.

If you would like to support the Campaign for Conservation and Community: Saving the Orangutans, please contact:

Tim Ardillo, Director
Office of Institutional Advancement
Indianapolis Zoo
1200 West Washington Street
Indianapolis, Indiana  46222
(317) 630-2703